Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick tip 7 – Object positioning

This is part 7 of the Photoshop quick tip series and in this tip you will learn how to perform absolute object positioning. This is where an object is placed in an exact position on the canvas. The position can be align top edge, align vertical centre, align bottom edges, align left edge, align right edge and finally align horizontal centre.

There are occasions when you want to place your PS objects exactly on the left, middle or right side of the canvas. You can of course, manually place the objects on the canvas, but this can cause the positioning to be inaccurate, and can also take a long time to find the exact position.

To quickly perform absolute object positioning, you firstly need to open up your PS document then select (Ctrl + A) on the keyboard which will selects everything in the canvas.

Now you need to choose the Move tool (V) and then locate the top of the menu bar where you will see the options for aligning the object.

After you have selected the Move tool, you simply click on the align button you wish. I have chosen the ‘align to top edge’ button.

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