Monday, November 2, 2009

Photoshop quick tip series

In this Photoshop series I will provide quick tips on how to use some of the feature of Photoshop. All of the tips will be short and concise and get straight to the point. Be sure to subscribe or follow me on twitter to stay tuned to all the quick tips.

Quick tip 1 – Merging layer - Learn how to merge layers in Photoshop.
Quick tip 2 - Load selection - Learn how to load the selection of a shape/text.
Quick tip 3 - Quickly open document - Learn how to quickly open documents.
Quick tip 4 - Jigsaw puzzle texture - Create a jigsaw puzzle texture using the texture filter.
Quick tip 5 - Change unit measurement - Quickly change the unit measurements in PS.
Quick tip 6 - Reset zoom - Quickly reset a zoomed in image.
Quick tip 7 - Zoom with mouse - Zoom into an image using the mouse scroll.
Quick tip 8 - Cycle through multiple documents - Quickly cycle through multiple documents in Photoshop.
Quick tip 9 - Increase recent files - Increase the number of recent files in Photoshop.
Quick tip 10 - Select Multiple text layer - Select more than one text layer in Photoshop.
Quick tip 11 - Reset to default settings - Restore original settings in Photoshop.
Quick tip 12 - Cycle through the blend modes - Use keyboard shortcut to cycle through the blend modes.
Quick tip 13 - Select hex colours in Photoshop - Quickly copy hex colours in a html format.
Quick tip 14 - Crosshair problem - Learn how to fix the cross hair problem.
Quick tip 15 - Find centre of image - Locate the actual centre of an image.
Quick tip 16 - Add extra canvas space - Increase the spacing around your canvas.
Quick tip 17 – Redo Filter – Repeat the last filter.
Quick tip 18 - Font update - Font updates in Photoshop.
Quick tip 19 - Hide the workspace - Hide the toolbar and palettes by using shortcut keys.
Quick tip 20 - Full screen mode - Quickly switch to the full screen mode using shortcuts.
Quick tip 21 - Revert original features - Return to the original settings.
Quick tip 22 - Open two window - Open two windows in Photoshop.
Quick tip 23 - Clear purge cache - Clear up the temporary files in Photoshop.
Quick tip 24 - Close multiple windows - Close more than one window quickly.
Quick tip 25 - Black and white image - Three quick ways to turn you image black and white.
Quick tip 26 - The hand tool - Learn how to use the Hand tool.
Quick tip 27 - Seeing font changes - See the changes applied to the fonts.


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