Monday, July 6, 2009

Free Photoshop textures

Sometimes it is easier to download a high resolution texture rather than creating your own texture in Photoshop. There are all sort of free textures available to download such as wood, stone grass, metal etc.

Below I have provided a list of places where you can get free textures in Photoshop:

  • z7server - There are over 1350 texture in this site which are separated into catalogues.
  • Grsites – They claim they have the largest collection of textures on the internet
  • freephotoshop – Contains four main catogories which are grunge, rocks, rust and wood.
  • Archivetextures – Over 3500+ textures with many new textures added daily.
  • Change-books – Textures include metal, nature, sky, stone, textile and wood


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