Friday, December 18, 2009

Digital makeover series

In this Photoshop series I will be providing tutorials on how to perform a complete digital makeover. This makeover will include the whole body and will be digitally enhancing various parts of the body. The techniques involved in this series will be fairly straight forward even if you have no knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Please remember to subscribe for the latest digital series.

Airbrushing skin technique - Airbrush skin to make it look smooth and healthy with no wrinkles.
Remove red eyes from image – Learn how to use remove the red eyes from an image using the red eye tool.
Change eye colour
– Transform the colour of your eyes in three simple steps.
Add lip gloss – Give your lips some extra shine with this tutorial.
Multicoloured iris – Instead of having on eye colour, why not have multicoloured iris.
Create an incredible Hulk look – Why not look like the incredible hulk with some nice green skin.


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