Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remove red eyes from image

In this tutorial you will learn how to remove the red eye from an image using the red eye tool. Red eyes are caused by the refection of the flash in the camera. This problem is quite common, but it very easy to fix in three steps.

Remove red eyes from image

Step 1

Open an image of red eye in Photoshop.
Select the red eye tool. This tool is next to the brush tool in the tool bar.

Step 2

I would like to drawn your attention toward the options for the red eye tool. The options include: Pupil size and Darken Pupil. The Pupil size set the size of the pupil in the image, and the Darken Pupil option sets the darkness of the pupil.

I have given the following options below, but you can experiment with your image.

Step 3

Move the red eye tools cursor on top of the red eye and click the mouse once.

You should now have no red eye on your image.


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