Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photoshop in a Day

The tagline for Photoshop in a Day is: “Clear, easy, and fast” which is exactly what this eBook delivery.

Photoshop in a Day is an eBook specifically created to make learning Photoshop as easy as possible. This eBook is basically a complete beginner’s guide on how to use Photoshop within minutes. All the tutorials in this book are clearly laid out with step by step instructions similar to the tutorials you find in this blog. By having a clear layout means you will save time and avoid being confused by any instructions. The tutorials in this book are set out in way that moves along with the learning process which will slowly build up your knowledge of Photoshop.

This eBook is suitable for all levels of Photoshop users from complete beginners to experienced users. In no time you will become a master Photoshop user, and will be able to retouch any image. So, why not pickup a copy of Photoshop in a Day ?


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