Friday, August 7, 2009

The paint bucket tool

The paint bucket tool fills pixels in a colour value into any selection. The paint bucket has two fill selection options which are foreground colour and pattern. Selecting the ‘foreground colour’ fills in any selection with the foreground colour. While selecting the ‘pattern’ options allows you to select a dropdown menu of preset patterns. You can import your own patterns into the menu of presets.

You can change the blending mode and the opacity of a filled colour, like in the layers panel. There is also a tolerance options which define how similar a colour value must be before it is filled. The values of the tolerance can range from 0 to 255. Beside the tolerance options there are three more options which are Anti-alias, contiguous, and all layers. The anti-alias option fills the edges of a selection; the contiguous option fills only contiguous pixels you select and all layers fills pixels based on the merge of all the data colours.

Below are examples of the tolerance, Anti-alias and contiguous options being filled on the door in the image.


The tolerance is set to 32 in the image below. If you set the tolerance higher more red will appear on the door, and if you set the tolerance lower less red will appear on the door.


The Anti-alias fills in the edges of the selection.


The contiguous has filled in the top left panel of the door as you can see it has filled in a contiguous section of the image.


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