Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rotating an image

There is a feature in Photoshop which allows you to rotate or flip an image in any direction. This feature is called the “rotate canvas” and can be found by choosing Image > Rotate Canvas.

Inside the rotate canvas, there are the following commands:

  • 180 – Rotates the image 180 degree.
  • 90 CW – Rotate the image the image 90 clockwise.
  • 90 CCW – Rotates the image 90 counter clockwise.
  • Arbitrary – Rotates the image by an angle you input. An input box appears and you select the angle and whether you want CW or CCW.
  • Flip canvas horizontal – Flips the canvas in the horizontal direction.
  • Flip canvas vertical – Flips the canvas in the vertical direction.


(Original image)



(Flip canvas horizontal)

(Flip canvas vertical)


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