Monday, June 29, 2009

The lasso tools part 2

The standard lasso and the polygonal lasso have options like the Marquee tools which are:

  • New selection – This is the default, a new selection made every time you use the standard or polygonal lasso. The old selection will get removed when a new selection is made.
  • Add to selection – This adds more selections from the current selected areas when you use this option.
  • Subtraction from selection – This subtracts selection from the current selected areas.
  • Intersect from selection – This option keeps the section from the intersected area of two selections.

The magnetic lasso has a different set of options which are:

  • Width – The pixel width of the magnetic lasso. The maximum width value is 256px.
  • Edge contrast – The sensitivity of the edges in the images, the value ranges from 1 – 100 %.
  • Frequency – The rate the lasso detects and sets to the edges of the image. The greater the value the more frequent the anchor points.
  • Stylus Pressure – This is for if you are using a graphics tablet, the more pressure you apply the smaller the edge width.


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